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Morgan Spring – 9/15/2009

Brian gearing up at Morgan SpringI pull into Bill’s shop, Cave Excursions in Luraville and head on in to chat with Linda. My buddy, Brian shows up a couple of minutes later and starts getting his tanks filled. We mill around and talk about the usual sort of things, eventually we grab some directions from Bill and head in the general direction of Morgan. After driving through some woods and dirt roads, we finally arrive at Don’s property where Morgan spring is located, just off the Suwannee.

The first thing that you notice is the elaborate two story deck that crosses over the big sinkhole, then you notice the dark hole on the right and the pulse starts to quicken! Sweet, this is my first time here and Brian has kindly offered to be my escort as he’s been here before.

I ask him what to expect and he just sort of laughs and says “You’ll see”. We haul our deco bottles down to the water and hang them off the looped lines attached to the steps, Morgan’s a deeper dive and we decided to use a couple of deco gases. Finally, we’re all geared up, in the water and ready to drop.

Brian at Morgan SpringWe head down to a hole in about 20ft of water, covered by dead tree limbs and other assorted debris. Gingerly picking our way through, we come upon a crack that drops straight down into the bowels of the earth. Descending down headfirst, we try to keep from touching the walls as thick piles of silt lay on the rocks, just waiting for an errant fin kick. The crack finally bottoms out and I find myself looking at some extremely pretty ongoing tunnel. There seems to be no downstream here and after adjusting buoyancy and getting settled, Brian and I kick off into the mild flow. It’s so nice to be in a cave where everything seems to be untouched and the only sign of divers before us is the #24 line snaking off into the distance. Morgan reminds me of parts of Peacock or some of the further reaches of Telford, with really pretty high ceilings above us and dome rooms stretching out off of the sides of the mainline. I’m looking around and cackling through my reg in glee as we traverse the fairly silty passage. The vis is not spectacular but definitely good enough for the two of us! This would be a good place to run a scooter due to the depth, but you would definitely need to know what you were doing. Unfortunately, we hit our turn pressures all too soon and have to start our exit. I start swimming through some of the rooms off to the side on the way out, playing my light off the pristine formations that surround me and just marveling at it all. I glance over at Brian and he has the same look on his face that I do, how cool is this cave!

Morgan Spring BasinAfter a while, we arrive back at the up line and start the first of our deep stops on our journey back to the surface. I love shielding my light and watching the water shine down from above and this, along with other creative experiments, helps pass our deco time. We surface to the crystalline sun shining down through the trees surrounding the sink and I can’t help but think how wonderful cave diving is and how lucky we all are to have friends to share it with. Brian’s grinning from ear to ear, when we reach the steps and of course we discuss how we’re going to have to come back here again soon. We head up the steps, back to the vehicles and continue to chat about our cave dive, but eventually the afternoon just fades into a richness of life that’s hard to describe to those who have not ventured into our underground labyrinths…

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    Yes it was! We’ll have to do it again soon, mate 🙂

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