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DPV Cave Diver Specialty Course

Scootering over Devil's EarA DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) is an advanced tool that can be used to extend and enhance your cave diving. If considering this course, you should have a strong background in cave diving, experience in different types of overhead environments and be able to operate a scooter in open water. Prerequisites are Full Cave or Cave 2 with a minimum of fifty non-training logged cave dives and an Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures or Tech 1 certification is highly recommended. As I cannot emphasize enough here, in water experience is crucial to success in this class which is why I much prefer to teach this course to those who have one hundred cave dives or more in a variety of different systems. However, divers who meet the minimum standards and feel that they are ready to take on this kind of advanced diving will be considered on an individual basis.

With the powerful, long range scooters readily available in the technical diving market today, it is essential that one receives training in the control and riding of these fast and maneuverable machines. The candidate should possess above average buoyancy skills and have an extremely high level of awareness within the cave environment. Standard drills and skills should be second nature, and cave conservation will be a priority. Please be aware that due to the risks involved with this level of diving, students have to be extremely comfortable in the water and must meet certain specific criteria in order to earn their DPV Cave rating.

Scootering up the Devil's spring runTopics discussed over the two day course include the history of scooters, different types, basic components, care and maintenance, conservation, rigging techniques and gas management. Various towing procedures and out of gas scenarios will be introduced in the open water and then practiced and reinforced in the cave. During the course, data will be gathered on breathing rates while swimming, motoring and swimming with a dead scooter and then integrated into our dive plans. We will perform a minimum of three cave dives into two different entrances, with more being the norm. Potential dive sites include Devil’s, Little River and Manatee.

If you have not yet purchased a DPV, or are traveling from out of town I do have Silent Submersion UV-26’s and UV-18’s available to rent for the class at a reduced rate, or free if you decide upon a private class. In addition, Divecaves Inc is an authorized Silent Submersion dealer and through the end of 2011, if you decide to purchase an SS scooter through me, your DPV Cave training will be free!

As with all cave and technical classes that I offer, please realize that participation in the class does not guarantee certification. Should you not end up with a certification, I will provide you with a list of areas that need more practice and am more than happy to assist you in working with these.

If you have any further questions regarding equipment considerations, scheduling or any other aspect of scooter diving, please feel free to contact me via email and usually I’ll respond back to you within twenty four hours.