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Intro to Tech

This class is designed for those advanced open water divers who are looking to improve their personal dive skills, knowledge and equipment configuration and also for those who intend to pursue instruction in the rigorous realm of technical diving. The course is usually two days in length and the only pre-requisites are that one must have at least twenty five dives beyond open water and a nitrox certification. This is considered to be the “fundamentals” class of technical diving, due to the fact that the skills you learn here will provide the backbone for any further technical and /or overhead training that you desire.

Focus will be on correct buoyancy and trim, proper kicking techniques such as the frog and modified flutter kicks, controlled ascents and descents, how to back kick and helicopter turn, the NTEC equipment configuration, standard and emergency procedures, the importance of team diving, and a preface to simulated decompression as well as working with lift bags and spools.

Decompression theory, advanced physics and physiology will be introduced, as well as the advantage of enriched air mixes for diving, decompression and dive time management plus other logistics and contingencies. Upon graduation the aspiring technical diver will have increased their confidence and skills and learned how to use a streamlined and efficient equipment configuration, as well as being more aware and responsible.

As with all cave and technical classes that I offer, please realize that participation in the class does not guarantee certification. Should you not end up with a certification, I will provide you with a list of areas that need more practice and I’m more than happy to assist you in working with these. As always, if you have any questions about anything, such as training, scheduling or any other aspect of cavern and cave diving, please feel free to contact me at rich@divecaves.com and generally I will respond back to you within twelve to twenty-four hours.