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Tech 1

Bert stylin' and profilin'...This is an entry level technical diving program which introduces the diver to more advanced diving techniques in preparation for trimix or extended cave training. This is a combination of technical nitrox, decompression techniques, helitrox and heliair. The course is usually four to six days in length and has Intro to Tech (or equivalent) as a prerequisite. Additional prerequisites include at least one hundred dives beyond open water, a nitrox certification and at least eighteen years old.

During the course we will discuss and implement current decompression theory including such subjects as hypoxia, nitrogen narcosis, tissue inert gas tension, carbon dioxide toxicity, hypothermia considerations, deep stop models and theory along with the variables of dynamic and static decompression. Focus will be placed on choosing and using the correct gases, both for diving and for decompressing.

The correct handling, rigging and marking of stage and decompression bottles will be emphasized, as well as advanced dive planning, including gas consumption, oxygen toxicity exposures and inert gas absorption. Contingency dive planning will be introduced along with problem solving procedures such as lost deco gas, switching and isolating regulators, gas switch protocols and management of a diver experiencing underwater convulsions. We will not be conducting any deep air dives, but by utilizing helium in our breathing gases we will be conducting dives up to one hundred and eighty feet deep.

Due to the fact that we’ll be conducting dives using hyperoxic based helium mixtures as well as using oxygen and/or other gases to decompress, one’s buoyancy skills and level of team and self awareness must definitely be above the average. Upon successful completion of this Tech 1 class, the diver will be able to dive hyperoxic helium mixes and decompress utilizing oxygen and enriched air gases in an environment similar to that which they have been trained in.

As with all cave and technical classes that I offer, please realize that participation in the class does not guarantee certification. Should you not end up with a certification, I will provide you with a list of areas that need more practice and I’m more than happy to assist you in working with these. As always, if you have any questions about anything, such as training, scheduling or any other aspect of cavern and cave diving, please feel free to contact me at rich@divecaves.com and generally I will respond back to you within twelve to twenty-four hours.