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Guided Cave Dives

Imagine that you’ve taken the time to plan a trip to North Florida to do some cave diving and you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money planning your trip. Which sites have the best visibility right now? Where does the mainline start? Is there a map available of the system you want to dive? How do you get there? What are the hours and admission fees? Who will you buddy up with? These are all questions that can be answered by a professional guide.

If you just want to relax, let someone else run the reel, take you where the tourists don’t go and have a reliable and professional buddy so you can simply enjoy some of the best cave diving in the world then maybe I can help!

As an active NACD and NSS-CDS Instructor living in the heart of North Florida’s cave country, just minutes from world famous Ginnie Springs, a short drive from Peacock Springs, Manatee, Telford, Madison Blue, Cow, Little River and just a couple of hours away from the always challenging Eagles Nest, I can provide a wealth of information and knowledge.

Having dove these systems on a regular basis for the last few years, I can take you to the less traveled parts of the caves that the visiting cave diver would not find on their own. I can offer you a detailed briefing before each dive we make, covering the formations, passages and key points of interest that you’ll be seeing during your cave tour. If there are places you’ve always wanted to see, such as “the Ice Palace”, “the Wishbone Tunnel”, or the “Godzilla Room” I can take you there. If you’ve never been able to find the upstream entrance to Cow, I can help so you too will be able to marvel at the wondrous clay banks present in that system.

It’s time for you to pull down your mask, let the cool seventy-two degree water in cave country wash your worries away and instead of playing “hunt a buddy”, just kick back, relax, enjoy the sights and remember why this is such a fun sport. If it’s been a while since you’ve been cave diving and you wish to brush up on your skills and/or drills, I’d be more than happy to run some prearranged simulated emergency drills while exiting. Some of the more popular ones I’ve been asked to do with divers are the lost line and lost diver drills. Note that I will not do this, unless specifically asked before the dive!

For the experienced diver who is looking to expand their horizons, I am able to provide a number of different options. For instance, there are some great caves in the area that are accessible only in a sidemount configuration. A Jon boat and/or a canoe makes the river caves readily available for the “off the beaten path” stuff or we can dive passages in the more popular caves that are not available to back mounted divers. I can easily provide you with stages for those longer dives and with the appropriate certification, scooters are available to explore some of the more remote regions of the underwater aquifer.

Guide fees are as follows:
Two People – $200/day
Private Tour – $300/day

Please be aware that certain systems have prerequisites you must have met in order to be able to dive them and that proof of certification will be required prior to any cave diving activities. I should also mention that since cave diving involves an overhead environment and possible decompression, you’re required to have at least DAN’s Master Plan dive insurance or it’s equivalent. Feel free to contact me with any special requests, scheduling and any other considerations at rich@divecaves.com and generally I will respond back to you within twelve to twenty-four hours. Also note that the guide fee does not include site fees, gas fills, or any rental gear you may like to use and a non-refundable deposit of at least $100 is due within seven days of scheduling guided dives in order to hold those days open. Deposits may be paid by cash, personal check, money order or Paypal.